Players and Organizers

Love UTR Events!

Why run a UTR Event?

  • Level-based events provide a better competitive experience for the participants which results in greater player satisfaction, participation, and retention
  • Players want level-based competition for game development and for UTR growth
  • Level-based matches give players the most opportunity to improve one’s UTR
  • UTR events allow you to run level-based tournaments
  • Access to UTR’s Event platform that allows online registrations, payments, and player notifications
Great Level of Competition
Level Based Play
Low Cost

Why players and organizers love UTR?

"I like the event because it is more about the competition, versus winning and losing."
"UTR's effect was to create an excellent tennis experience."
"With UTR, they are playing for something: a meaningful rating."
"That's the kind of competition that really promotes and enhances player development."

Platform Overview

The UTR Events platform provides online player registration and payment, results credit to player UTR’s, setup and support of your Event as well as Marketing support featuring your event on the UTR website.
Rating Credit
Event Support

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